Process Intelligence & Control

Process Monitoring

Process monitoring is a flexible machine control process that's designed to log real-time process feature feedback (ex: force & distance) and to identify the position within the min/max parameter limits.

Process Monitoring
Part Serialization

Serialization Integration

With serialization integration, you can track parts through manufacturing and out into the field. Part tracking includes part marking/identification, part mark/tag reading, process monitoring and data logging.

Data Logging

Logging process data externally enables control, quality assurance, visual charts, traceability, or other reference.

Data Logging
Servo Motor

Servo-Driven Control

Servo-driven control is a specialized motor used to create a linear motion, thus giving 100% control over the forming process.

Vision Integration

With vision integration, a camera is attached to a machine to visually monitor various aspects of the part configuration and forming process such as part orientation, part presence, forming results and more.

Vision Control

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