Orbital Forming Video

Orbital forming is a cold forming process using a peen tool held at a fixed angle to create a sweeping line of pressure around a rivet or tenon. 



Orbital Captured Form

Orbital Riveting

Orbital riveting is a low force cold forming process. Using a peen tool positioned at a 3, 4, or 6 degree angle and mounted on a rotating spindle, it maintains a line of contact on the workpiece and gradually kneads the material to a desired form.

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Orbital Staking

Orbital Staking uses a sharper tool. With Orbital Staking, material is peeled away from the substrate to form over the part it is retaining at 360 degrees.

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Orbitform Orbital Staking Image


Orbitform Orbital Flaring Image

Orbital Flaring

Orbital flaring requires a sharpened peen tool for the orbital process. A semi-tubular or tubular rivet tenon is flared out to retain material together.

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