What is Impact Riveting?

What is Impact Riveting?Fast and Permanent Assembly Equipment

Impact riveting is a cold forming assembly process using pneumatic, electro-mechanical, or hydra-pneumatic force to install a rivet. Joint characteristics can vary greatly depending on the rivet type, material, and geometry. Some common rivet types include solid, semi-tubular, and self-piercing. The forming sequence is unique to each type of rivet. The shank on a solid rivet must swell to fill the hole before the head collapses. On a semi-tubular rivet, the hollow tenon curls over on impact, drawing the parts together with minimal shank swell. Self-piercing rivets, used to join sheet metal and other thin materials, pierce the upper layers of material until the bottom layer is displaced into a pocket in the anvil, creating a button shape similar to clinching. This process eliminates the cost of machining a hole, but with the absence of a hole, some applications may require external fixturing to align the parts.

Riveting Machines with Advantage

Standard impact riveting machines have a much quicker cycle time than standard Orbital, Radial, and hot upset machines, and provide higher production throughput. Impact riveting is commonly used for high volume commodity products such as HVAC ductwork, brake pads, and circuit breakers. In most cases the operator handles the part, so there is no cost for part fixturing. For high volume assembly of brittle materials like clutch assemblies, circuit boards, and plastics, riveting machines can be configured with load-deflecting components. To consolidate equipment and reduce the work area footprint, a single machine can be configured to install up to four rivets simultaneously; other options for multi-riveting include dual head and multi-head machines. Using an offset driver accessory, riveting heads can be positioned as close as 1/16” between rivet heads. 

High Volume Production 

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