Water Cooler Talk: A Water Cooler Component Assembly

Providing Stability With Roller Forming

Posted on 10/09/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Water cooler talk. The idea is simple- initiate conversation about any particularly interesting topic to any passerby and hold the conversation for as long as possible. Tried and true topics for conversation include sporting event outcomes, the weather, the weekend, and workplace drama.


While water cooler talk may not be as popular as it used to be, it is not obsolete by any means. It is simply nice to get up, stretch your legs and get a drink of cool water. This quick mental break leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Sitting back down, your brain is prepared for the next task you face.


The task we faced here at Orbitform included helping one manufacturing company in their endeavor to make water cooler components. This was a very interesting application, because of the size of the part and materials challenges.


The old process involved a press to bend the metal material over a plastic component. This process was flawed because it used too much force and smashed the plastic component creating wasted parts and increasing materials cost and cost of goods sold.


Our team of lab technicians and assembly experts recommended a roller forming machine. This roller forming machine is able to gently roll the metal over the plastic piece- consistently forming good parts. Roller forming machines also take much less force to achieve the desired result.


The key takeaway from this application is that there are things in life that are meant to be smashed, things like goals and records. However, there are also things that just shouldn’t be smashed, things that need steady force. Roller forming provides the stability and steady force this application needed.



If you think this type of assembly process could help your manufacturing operation, please contact us by clicking here.


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