The Story of Orbitform and Milford

Keeping the Milford Name Alive

Posted on 09/04/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Milford Rivet & Machine Company began in 1940 and since that beginning the company has produced thousands of Milford riveting machines many of which are still in operation today. Originally headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, the Milford brand name has always stood tall in the riveting and fastening industry. Milford Rivet & Machine Company changed its name to Milford Fastening Systems over time.


Orbitform acquired Milford Fastening Systems in 2004 and in doing so Orbitform added light and medium duty impact riveting machines to its existing product line of orbital riveting, radial riveting, and heavy duty impact rivet machines. The Milford product line filled out Orbitform’s rivet machine offerings thus allowing Orbitform to be a one stop shop for all riveting applications. Since 2004 all Milford riveters have been designed and manufactured at Orbitform’s facility in Jackson, Michigan.


Orbitform engineers took the tried and tested Milford rivet machine product line and have continually enhanced it by introducing modern manufacturing techniques which reduce the variability of internal components. The high tolerance machined components allow the Milford riveters to no longer be required to be “fit at assembly”. Orbitform fastening experts have also designed improved safety devices, new tooling configurations, and automated rivet feeding systems for the Milford line of riveters. The Milford rivet machines are now available in mechanical and pneumatic models, with vibratory and mechanical rivet feeders, with various safety features, with several operator actuation methods, and with optional process monitoring of forces, loads, and deflections.


Orbitform is proud to keep the Milford name alive and robust within the riveting industry and looks forward to continual improvement and expansion of the product line.