The New Servo Powerhead

Orbitform New Servo PowerheadPrecision Control in a Clean Environment

Orbitform's Servo Driven Powerhead offers precision control, variable advance and retract rates and a range of forming forces for the most delicate to the most technically demanding assembly applications.  This innovative Powerhead provides the control you need with the speed you want.


1. Reduce cycle time, variable advance and retract up to 4 inches per second
2. Improve your process validation
3. Form to a force, a predictive distance, and to multiple programmed heights
4. Not impacted by atmospheric conditions or drops in line pressure
5. No exhaust, clean-room compliant, perfect for medical and electronics applications
6. Precision programmed dwell in both position and time to reduce spring-back after forming, critical in high precision articulating joints

As with Orbitform’s pneumatic and hydraulic Powerheads, options include: Process Monitoring, Pressure Pads (part clamping and height sensing), columns with height adjustment, and multiple tooling configurations. If you need a turn-key system, Orbitform also offers servo driven Powerheads in standard bench-top and floor standing pedestal configurations. Orbitform is an industry leader when it comes to assembly equipment solutions for manufacturing. To learn more about anything you have read here, or to inquire about purchasing a machine, please call 800.957.4838 to learn more. Orbitform…Solutions Delivered.