The Acquisition of Diamond Precision Tool

Orbitform is excited to announce the acquisition of Diamond Precision Tool Group.

Diamond Precision Tool Group, a California-based company, has been supporting manufacturers with tooling and replacement parts for impact riveters since 1982. Supporting both the USA and Mexico, Diamond Precision Tool Group has been able to service many brands of riveters, including Orbitform’s Milford line. We look forward to continuing that support.

Founded in 1984, Orbitform has supported assembly manufacturers worldwide for over 35 years. During this time, we have streamlined our support for assembly equipment with our in-house Spare Parts and Tooling Department. We support perishable tooling needs across ANY brand of riveting equipment. We design, engineer, and machine all tooling in-house, and can reverse engineer tooling for brands other than Orbitform. Our team is vertically integrated all under a 120,000 square-foot facility; which includes an equipped machine shop, a welding and fabrication team, an engineering staff, and a 3D printing cell team to support the manufacturing of parts and tooling.

Alongside our Spare Parts and Tooling Team, our factory-trained Service team stands ready to provide service for assembly equipment. Tooled with leading-edge industry knowledge, we can confidently inspect, evaluate, and consult on non-Orbitform machines as well as our own product line. We offer both remote and on-site analysis of equipment to provide recommendations for required parts and repairs.

We also offer assembly equipment across multiple fastening and forming processes. We value our customer’s security and look to find the right equipment for their applications with our unbiased approach. Leveraging our Solutions Lab, we are able to test sample parts to validate the process, and determine the necessary assembly equipment to meet the requirements for each application.

Whether it is tooling, replacement parts, maintenance and service support, or new equipment, we stand ready to support Diamond Precision Tool Group’s previous customers. Our Spare Parts and Tooling Department understands how critical parts and tooling are to equipment maintenance and minimizing machine downtime. Contact us today to discuss your tooling needs.


Chad Wrona                                                                                            

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Mark Adler

Spare Parts & Tooling Sales Engineer

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