Society of Manufacturing Engineers Visits Orbitform

Hosting a Fantastic Group of Visitors

Posted on 03/28/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


If you ever want to give a factory tour to a group of smart, inquisitive, and fun people, then invite the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) to visit your manufacturing business.

Orbitform recently had the pleasure of hosting several members of the Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Toledo chapters of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.


The engineers asked many questions about the sample parts in the Orbitform applications lab and they asked excellent questions about the riveting, roller forming, hot upset forming, and other product assembly machines that were being built on the shop floor.


I must admit, some of the questions I could not answer, but I was able to get back with the SME members in the following days to follow up on their questions pertaining to queries such as “how did you assemble this part?” or “what was the force involved in rolling this lip over the bearing?”


It is possible that some of the engineers might have learned some new riveting methods such as the flush self-pierce riveting machines we build here at Orbitform that allow you to join dissimilar materials without a pre-drilled hole in place. The flush self-pierce riveting process seemed to raise a few eyebrows and might spark some new ideas for product assembly methods in the future!


Thank you to SME for taking the time to visit Orbitform.