Show Time: An Exciting Cure to the Monday Blues

Preparation for the Assembly Trade Show

Posted on 10/16/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Wow, what a day! Forget normal Monday brain or being a bit sleepy and trying to get back into the work week swing of things. Not today! Even in the rainy Michigan weather, the only thing on my mind today has been the trade show. In a week or so Orbitform is packing up shop (quite literally) and heading southwest to Rosemont, IL to participate in the Assembly Show.


Here at Orbitform everyone is in show mode. The office is buzzing with chatter; “What time do we leave again?” and “Who am I riding with?”. There is something so exciting about show time. There is a feeling of anxiety coupled with excitement. Now that crunch time has hit these feelings are compounding by the second.


We have put hundreds and hundreds of hours into three days of exhibition. We have drawn and revised floor plans. We have spent hours tweaking and cleaning these machines. Our engineers have dreamed, designed and built amazing product displays. Our creative director has booked hotel rooms and rented cars. All this is a mere scratch on the surface of tasks done in the name of the Assembly Show.


We have also taken a lot of time to prepare a technical presentation on the topic of Roller Forming . We feel excited for our Roller Forming Technical Presentation given by our GM Jake Sponsler and VP of Sales Bryan Wright. Together this dynamic duo will start with introductory info and move into specific application based info. We look forward to showing our technical abilities in an educational -yet easy to digest way.


Click here to let us know you would like to join us at the Assembly Show for this presentation or to see our forming and fastening processes in action at Booth #505.

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