Rollerforming the Lip of Oil Dam On Transmission Clutch Housing

Solutions Lab Develops New Prototype

Posted on 02/28/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


What is happening in the Orbitform lab today?

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An automotive supplier that specializes in manufacturing and assembling transmission clutches was facing some challenges with securing the oil dam to the clutch housing. They had heard that Orbitform had helped other clutch assembly customers attach oil dams to clutch housings before so they asked if we could help them. The team in the Orbitform solutions lab developed a prototype articulating rollerforming head with three (3) rollers and a pressure pad. The pressure pad is used to seat the oil dam onto the top of the clutch housing and then the rollers are able to move axially from outside towards the center to roll the lip of the oil dam around the edge of the clutch housing.


This created a perfect fit that secures the oil dam to the housing, prevents the oil dam from rotating, and allows the oil to be directed to the appropriate ports within the transmission clutch. The prior method used was to crimp the outside of the oil dam lip, but that process was introducing quality, repeat-ability, and cycle time issues to the process.


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