Roll, Flare, Crimp, Swage - Oh My!

Versatility of Orbitform Machines

Posted on 03/21/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Product manufacturers, metal fabricators, contract assemblers, and other manufacturing operations benefit from utilizing metal forming equipment of high quality, durability and flexibility.


All things being equal, when a single machine can perform multiple metal forming operations, then the owner of the equipment is able to be more flexible and meet the needs of its customer to a higher degree.


Orbitform is able to offer manufacturing and assembly versatility with many of the machines we design and build including Roller Forming machines.

We recently built a Roller Forming machine that performs multiple operations on a metal tube. The machine flares one end of the tube (from inside to out), crimps a ledge into the middle portion of the tube (from outside to in), and rolls the other end of the tube (from outside to in).


Modern metal forming companies are being asked to manufacture an increasing variety of part numbers with lower production volumes, shorter tool change-over times, and faster cycle times, all while keeping quality in place and without breaking the bank.


Orbitform can help product assembly companies achieve these goals with our roller forming metal forming and product assembly machines.