Robotic Integration

Hot Trend

Robotic integration in manufacturing has quickly become a hot trend.  With pressure to over-perform on production while increasing throughput, manufacturers are searching for robust automated solutions for producing complete assemblies.  This push has turned many manufacturers toward the use of robotics for speed and efficiency. 

Fully Automated Systems

As the experts in fastening, forming, riveting and assembly, Orbitform offers seven core processes along with the opportunity to build fully automated systems to enhance those processes.  This addition of automation allows customers to complete full assemblies within one manufacturing cell, while maintaining the high level of quality expected from experts. 

Higher Volume, Lower Cost

Recently, when visiting with a fire extinguisher manufacturer, the question arose regarding robotic integration.  The company desired a higher volume of production for lower cost.  The previous manufacturing process included five operators assembling components by hand before crimping the tube end.  The forming machine, a multi-station dial, experienced large amounts of down time, leading the customer to search for a new solution.

One Robot for All?

Upon reviewing this application with Orbitform’s engineers, robotic integration for the assembly was discussed.  The assembly process included spring insertion, nut insertion, drivers and torque, o-ring insertion, notching and crimping the end. Application, design, and controls engineers all reviewed the application to determine whether one robot could perform the same functions it was currently taking 5 operators to complete.

Lean Cell

While discussions first began with conveyor and dial options, it was soon found that a two-stop indexer with a robotic lean cell could perform all the assembly tasks required.  The new system included a robot to move the part from one assembly station to the next within the cell, thus achieving the required 7 second cycle time while using only one operator.  While the initial investment of the machine can be high, this customer experienced an immediate return on investment through reducing operators, decreasing cycle time, and eliminating machine down time.   

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The experts at Orbitform work to continuously develop new, exciting and profitable ways to increase throughput and decrease cycle time.  We welcome the opportunity to review your assembly application to find how we can optimize your assembly process.  Contact us today for your unique assembly process and design.