Radial Riveting & Forming

The Orbital Alternative

Posted on 11/27/2013 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


When customers approach us with rivets that are delicate, long, or unsupported, we often turn to radial forming as a solution. Radial riveting and forming, also known as Radial, is similar to the Orbital process, but the material is displaced from the center outward in a rosette or rose curve pattern; this creates less side force than the orbital process. Radial is ideal for forming small or delicate parts. Radial heads are also available with the standard or long reach peen options, giving a wider range of forming possibilities.



Radial Form is for customers with unique or very light duty applications. It is also available as a “standard option” for new machines and systems and designed to retrofit existing Orbitform machines by means of a spindle change out. Additionally, Radial has been designed to accommodate an integral load cell into the spindle package. This allows radial to provide the same process monitoring capabilities as the rest of the Orbitform product line.


Orbitform is an expert in permanent part assembly. We pride ourselves in offering unbiased assembly solutions for manufacturing. Radial forming is just one of the processes we offer at Orbitform. For more information about permanent part assembly, or so send us your sample parts, visit www.orbitform.com or call 1 (800) 957-4838 to speak with the assembly experts. Orbitform…Solutions Delivered.