Preventative Maintenance Keeps your Machine Working for Decades

Preventative Maintenance

Investing in a machine is a large undertaking with huge financial potential.  To receive the highest amount of return on investment when making such a large purchase, it is essential to keep the machine running to its full potential.  By practicing consistent preventative maintenance, your Orbitform machine will continue to work at peak performance to ensure you are making the highest throughput possible.


Each Orbitform machine is shipped with full documentation on proper maintenance and a full list of recommended spare parts and tooling.  Upon receipt of your machine, it is essential to review these documents to prepare a schedule for maintenance.  While Orbitform’s machines do not require a large amount of maintenance, planning from the start will keep your machine running in like new condition for years to come.

Spare Parts and Tooling

Due to differences of material for each assembly, the proper lifetime of spare parts and tooling can only be determined through manually tracking wear.  Orbitform’s experts recommend reviewing the recommended list of spare parts and tooling for your machine and keeping at least one extra part on hand upon receipt of the machine to prevent unnecessary down time. 


Orbital Powerheads

When it comes to Orbital powerheads, required maintenance is minimal, but slightly different from other machines.  Each orbital head requires a small amount of grease – one squirt every 500 hours.  Grease is inserted through a small insert on the side of the orbital housing.  Over greasing can cause grease to spin out of the orbital head all over your machine.  Also, in extreme circumstances, over greasing can cause the orbital head to bind.

Peen Changes

Changing a peen tool regularly will ensure aesthetically pleasing, consistent finished forms.  In addition, it is recommended to pull peens out of their holder every day.  This simple act of removing and reinserting the same peen every day ensures ease of change over.  In extreme cases, failure to remove the peen regularly can lead to permanent binding of the peen within the orbital head.  Should this unfortunate event happen, replacing the entire orbital head will be required.


Consistent maintenance and replacement of perishable tooling will ensure your Orbitform machine continues to run in peek condition for decades to come.  While required maintenance is minimal, it is essential to receive the full return on investment from your machine.  We look forward to supporting your assembly needs through the life of your machine.  Should you have any questions about the maintenance of your machine, please contact Shawn Sutherlin, Orbitform’s Service Technician at 517-780-4279.  For all your spare parts and tooling needs, please contact Chad Wrona at 517-780-4204 or Mark Adler at 517-780-4276