Partnering to learn about Product Design

John F Kennedy once said, “Partnership is not a posture but a process-a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks.”  When working with customers, Orbitform strives to build a partnership – a trusted relationship in where each side works together to achieve a common goal.  From product concept and design all the way through full production, this partnership works to conquer the tasks required to ensure each assembly meets and exceeds its specific requirements. 


When hearing of this unique partnership opportunity, an ammunitions company reached out to Orbitform to help with their non-lethal ammunition assembly.  Previously, the company used a lathe to form a retention groove in the wall of a tube to retain explosive components within their assembly.  The process was working for them, but with increased demand, they needed to error proof their process and decrease cycle time.


The first step in partnering with Orbitform included engaging in lab testing to create the same groove using the articulating roller forming process.  The previous lathe process was retaining parts but was never monitored.  With thorough testing, it was found that the dimensions created during the turning process created dangerous part failures.  To overcome this challenge, our Solutions Lab engineers designed several different roller geometries to create multiple finished forms to find the best retention method.  In addition to this, multiple clamp load and articulating roller forces were tested to create additional fill within the groove.  Finally, consistent and safe parts were being manufactured under controlled specifications.


Once the testing was finished, Orbitform began to design and build machines to satisfy the assembly specifications, all while working to support the increased volume requirements.  Through partnering with the customer, the correct level of automation and number of machines was determined to best support the production requirements. 

Prior to partnering with Orbitform, the customer did not fully know or understand their process.  It wasn’t until lab testing began that they fully began to understand the push out specs required to build a safe assembly.  Without these requirements, the assembly was a dangerous weapon in the field.  By working through the mundane tasks of testing each variable together with the engineers at Orbitform, a strong, reliable and repeatable assembly was created that helped build business for the customer.


Orbitform stands ready to partner with you on your next forming, fastening, riveting or assembly project. Contact us today to learn how we can help find the best possible solution for your assembly needs.