Orbitform’s Response to COVID-19

Orbitform’s Response to COVID-19


Orbitform strives to provide ever-growing results and security to our employees, customers, and vendors.  With the rising concerns over COVID-19, we are working diligently to take precautions while continuing to deliver safe results. 


Clean Environment 

Orbitform has always worked to keep a clean working environment for our employees.  Through additional part washing, sanitizing high traffic areas, and maintaining a clean and safe environment, we will continue to drive safe practices for our employees and customers. 


Your Solutions, On-Time 

Led by our world-class team of Project Managers, the Orbitform manufacturing team is still hard at work building your assembly solutions.  With respect to our Government’s recommendations of safe social distancing, proper air ventilation, and cleaning techniques, our team is continuing their work with no plan to slow down.  We will continue to do everything in our ability to ensure our progress is not interrupted. 


Health and Safety 

With the increased risk of exposure to the coronavirus, we are reducing travel time in the field. Out of respect to our customers and their families, our Regional Sales Managers are canceling travel plans for the next 90 days.  In place of the traditional face-to-face meetings, we are offering the following opportunities: 

  • One-on-one discussion to learn about your assembly to determine if Orbitform may be a fit as a trusted advisor and supplier. 
  • Assembly review to determine the best forming, fastening, or riveting method for your joint. 
  • Project progress on a current solution we are developing for you. 
  • Permanent versus non-permanent fastening education. 
  • Machine run-off and acceptance video conferencing, including in-depth details of the complete machine, along with training.  These videos will be recorded for future reference. 

Our Service department will continue to support via phone and video conferencing, reserving travel for emergencies only until the safety concern and risk of exposure has diminished.  


Questions or Concerns 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our safety measures to limit exposure of COVID-19, please contact us by calling 517-787-9447.  


For additional information about COVID-19 and health and safety recommendations, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at cdc.gov.   


Thank you for your loyal support.  We look forward to continuing to support your efforts through these trying times.