Orbitform Increases Cyber-security Measures With Live Security Monitoring

Eliminating the Cyber Threats

Posted on 01/18/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Orbitform partners with ASK to protect data against cyberattacks.


Orbitform Group (Orbitform), a leader in Michigan manufacturing design and assembly, is proactively working to protect its organization and increase its cybersecurity posture with Live Security Monitoring through Application Specialist Kompany (ASK), an IT managed services and cybersecurity company. Through Live Security Monitoring, ASK monitors and protects Orbitform’s network and business environment against cyberattacks. With data protection as a top priority for Orbitform, the organization quickly found immense value in the cybersecurity solution.


Within 30 days of having Live Security Monitoring in place, ASK’s security analysts were alerted of a security threat on Orbitform’s network. ASK identified the threat as Ursnif, a banking trojan intended to steal system information and account credentials. ASK quickly notified Orbitform with the IP address, located the user and the device was taken off the network.


“The data protection of our customers, staff and organization are extremely important to us, which is why we engaged ASK for Live Security Monitoring,” said Anthony Kiszka, IT Manager of Orbitform. “ASK reacted to a zero-day threat within minutes and was able to shut it down before any damage occurred. It is this level of service and expertise that solidifies our long-term relationship with ASK. They care for our data protection and our customers just as much as we do.”


Orbitform previously experienced a cyber threat, CryptoWall, years ago which made cybersecurity and data protection a top priority. Since implementing Live Security Monitoring, multiple threats have been identified and remediated thanks to the structure and processes ASK has in place.


“There are many cybersecurity solutions available, but ASK’s is not an ordinary solution,” said Mike Maddox, President and CEO of ASK. “Our dedicated team of security analysts has a combination of human detection processes and advanced technologies through Arctic Wolf Networks. Our Enhanced Security Services Team is closely integrated with our clients’ teams which allows us to communicate and remediate cyber threats faster. While we can lean on technology to do much of the work, the skill level and customer service of our team makes a true difference.”


Orbitform currently utilizes all of ASK’s Enhanced Security Services to protect its organization including Live Security Monitoring, employee training, password audits, internal and external vulnerability assessments and phishing campaigns.


To learn more about how ASK has worked with Orbitform to protect the organization contact Mike Maddox at 517-999-0224. To learn more about Orbitform’s story and rationale for bringing in ASK for Live Security Monitoring, call Anthony Kiszka at Orbitform at 517-780-4205.