Orbitform Improves Process for Solenoids

Articulating Roller Forming Solves Crisis 

Posted on 12/19/2018 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Solenoid Assembly Process Change

As a solenoid valve manufacturer, customers rely on you to supply fast, safe switching with a long service life. Manufacturers face increasing pressure to decrease size while increasing longevity and function. Transmissions are being re-engineered smaller with more complicated designs; forcing solenoid valve designs to fit in tight spots. This limited space pressure has led to a change in assembly that has impacted the operational life of these critical components.

Design Failure

Previously, solenoid manufacturers relied heavily on segmented die crimping to retain the solenoid housings. With smaller, compact designs, crimping has resulted in cracks due to stress risers, leading to leakage and failure. This failure has brought several manufacturers to Orbitform to find a forming solution to replace the die crimping.

Stress Riser Elimination

Orbitform has worked with solenoid valve design manufacturers to develop a solution to their cracking and leakage issues in the solenoid housings. Orbitform’s Articulating Roller Forming process was tested on the housing body in our Solutions lab. Orbitform proved that the 360° of retention provided by roller forming eliminated stress risers in the forming, while continuing to provide full retention to the part. Since this initial testing, Orbitform has continued to work directly with solenoid valve design engineers to create a ring of retention that eliminates leakage, minimizes force induced into the part, and greatly increases the life of the part.

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