Orbitform: Connecting the Past, Present & Future: An Attic Door Assembly Story

The Story of an Attic Door

Posted on 10/02/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


If we keep our proverbial skeletons in the closet, our ghosts must surely reside in the nooks of our attics. Attics are shrines to the past: containing clothing three sizes too small, remnants of discarded hobbies, the ever-lingering scent of mothballs, and countless mutterings of “it’s around here somewhere”.


Have you been up there lately? For some people, that involves pulling down the chain and releasing those creaky and rickety old stairs, folded into the ceiling.


One of Orbitform’s customers assemble attic doors. Their process consists of an Impact Riveting Method to attach metal brackets to the door frame. The rivets they use are two different lengths, each with an oversized diameter.


Using Orbitform’s unbiased approach, our engineers were able to recommend the Milford 423. This machine offers the ability to handle longer rivets. It also comes with a change over kit allowing the company to use both rivet lengths with the same machine.


Our engineers also solved an issue with feeding the rivets into the machine. The solution came by using the vibratory feeder bowl that comes standard with the Milford 423. This vibratory feeder bowl was customized to an 18-inch diameter, to accommodate the longer rivets. Thus, providing room for the rivets to shake out and become loaded into the feeder track.


If you decide to venture up into the world that is your attic, you will re-discover some stories of your own. While you’re at it, take a look at those brackets- you may discover that you are a part of our story too.



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