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Our Unbiased Approach

Posted on 11/07/2018 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Solutions Solved Orbitform has applied our core forming, joining, and assembly processes over the past 34 years, to 1000’s of applications, solving customers’ assembly challenges…..retaining a bearing, riveting the blade on a snow shovel, forming the tabs on a blower assembly, roller forming a tube end for airbag assemblies, and hot upset riveting automotive door striker plates to name a few examples. All our products are 100% Made in the USA.


Product Assembly Request Orbitform receives customer requests daily to support product developments, process improvements and increased throughput. Orbitform’s Solutions Lab will review your current assembly process, focus on the joint functional requirements, and recommend the best process solution of our six-core process.


Assembly Evaluation and Lab Processing To determine the best process solution for your application, Orbitform offers our Application’s Lab as a key resource in performing tooling development and testing of your sample parts. Our lab project pricing varies in investment, based on the process to be used. Engaging with us in a lab development project will help you identify risks in the process, improve the robustness of your product design based on recommended pre-form part geometries, and align the best process to fit your design. Our unbiased approach to determine the best process, sets Orbitform apart from our competitors, not restricting the solution to a single process.


Core Processes and Automation Line Orbiform’s processes include; orbital riveting, radial riveting, impact riveting, hot upset riveting, roller forming (static & articulating) flush self-piercing riveting, press flare & staking, and part handling automation. We have the capability and resources to engage with you at different value-added levels; from modular heads to be integrated, standard bench machines, XY positioning machines, rotary dial table machines, lean cell manufacturing, and palletized conveyor lines. Building a turn key solution to fit your request; we have the tools to customize a machine or system that best satisfies your production, process control, and quality requirements. Customers often tell us, “We didn’t know you did that!” Now you know.


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