Orbitform Adopts Standard Paint Colors

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, once said “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” At Orbitform, we take this message to heart. Every day, we strive to improve upon our processes and performance from the day before. It’s not just about providing robust, long lasting equipment; it’s also about delivering the right solution to achieve each manufacturer’s desired outcome and exceed their expectations.

For the past year, Orbitform has been hyperfocused on continuous improvement. Previous investments have included a 3D Printing cell, Enhanced Project Management, and a new Laser Cutter. As we have continued looking for ways to enhance our operations, our new target is to increase our speed across our operations. In pursuit of this, as well as better product branding, we are standardizing on our machine paint colors - Orbitform Blue for our powerheads and Milford Green for our impact riveters.

Standardizing on our machine paint colors has an immediate impact of reducing our equipment lead times. This allows us to stock a small inventory of our standard powerheads and basic impact riveters and deliver equipment to manufacturers more quickly. Only application specific tooling would have to be designed and manufactured.

When more custom equipment is required, standardized paint colors can still positively impact delivery times. If standard powerheads or riveting heads are required as part of a larger system, having them in stock can save valuable time during the machine build. If an assembly system requires more custom assembly components, such as a powerhead with process monitoring or an offset motor drive, there is an indirect impact. Applications for standard equipment will take less time, allowing us to start larger, customized systems in a more expedient manner.

Painting our standard equipment specific colors also serves as a visual representation of the robustness and dependability manufacturers have come to trust from Orbitform. When you see a blue powerhead or green impact riveter, you can be assured that you have the right solution to meet your desired outcome. Contact us today to discuss your assembly needs and keep your eye out for our new colors.

orbitform_new paint colors