Orbitally Forming for Safety in Aerospace Landing Gear

Safety is The #1 Priority

Posted on 01/10/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Landing Gear Safety

In the Aerospace industry, safety is key in ensuring landing gear functions properly. Orbitform has worked with landing gear experts to permanently form, fasten or rivet components to ensure safety while maintaining proper function of the assembly.

Service and Support

Recently, an Aerospace customer contacted us with a need for flexibility in their machine due to their high mix of parts, and low volume of production. They were using radial forming for their brake disc assembly and not receiving the support they required. They were looking for an expert in the field that would also provide support and service for the life of the machine.

Radial Versus Orbital

Upon being approached, we offered the experience and expertise of testing the correct fastening solution in our Solutions Lab. Initially, the customer was using radial forming, but were experiencing early tooling wear, and longer-than expected cycle times. However, upon testing, it was found that orbitally forming the rivets decreased cycle time while giving better functional results and a longer tooling life. We then provided custom-built machinery based on our findings.

Your Solution

At Orbitform, we are constantly working with customers to develop the best solution for their assembly. We offer the same opportunity to you. Contact us today to allow us to review your assembly and use our expertise and unbiased approach with our six core processes at 517-787-9447 or sales2@orbitform.com. We look forward to working with you!