Orbital Riveting of a Coffee Mill

Developing An Assembly Process For Coffee Mills

Posted on 05/13/2016 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


What is a coffee mill? We had the same question. Turns out, a coffee mill is another term for a coffee grinder.


A specialty food and drink brand from Missouri contacted Orbitform to ask for help developing the assembly process for their new product, a coffee mill.


Orbitform's customer solutions lab received several sample parts from the customer and set about determining the best assembly process to use and decided on the orbital riveting method of permanently securing the hopper lid and the crank handle to the final assembly.


The Orbitform lab team used the customer sample parts to size the appropriate Orbitform riveting machine, to develop a prototype pressure pad housing to hold down the hopper lid, and to create a part holding fixture out of nylon plastic in order to secure the components during the riveting process. In addition to this, the Orbitform team also worked with the customer to update the dimensions of the rivet to allow for a faster and better quality end formed rivet.