Orbital Peens

Forming With a Sweeping Line of Pressure

Posted on 11/27/2013 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


At Orbitform, one of our specialties is in Orbital Forming and Riveting. Orbital forming and riveting is a cold forming process using a peen tool held at a fixed angle to create a sweeping line of pressure around a rivet, progressively forming the rivet throughout the process. This peen is crucial to the forming process, making contact with the part being formed and doing the actual forming work. The peen fits into the orbital head and is typically held in place by a set screw. There are a wide variety of standard peens that are used with orbital heads, each with a different purpose. Some ensure a certain aesthetic appearance while others are capable of flaring or crimping. Each peen is designed specifically for each customer part, developed by our engineers to custom fit the specific application. The peen becomes the key to forming high quality parts. Orbitform will ensure that your peens and tooling will produce top quality parts with consistency. We are the experts in permanent part assembly, and we will put our knowledge to work for you. Orbitform…solutions delivered.