One Orbitform Rollerforming Machine Assembles 38 Different Part Configurations

 Using Articulating Rollerforming in Conjunction With Servo Powerhead

Posted on 02/15/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


An industrial company needed a better solution for a ball and socket joint, used in a hydrostatic pump piston, for assembly with a specified end-play range. The company’s previous process spun the part and was limited to forming the material in a horizontal direction. The material would flex back and allow too great an end-play tolerance.

Orbitform's Solution Lab suggested the use of articulating roller forming in conjunction with a servo powerhead to determine repeatability and forming capabilities. End-play was held to .003” max, as opposed to the previous process, which held end-play to .008” max. The process of articulating rollerforming – where the rollers move to a diameter using an adjustable hard stop – allowed the parts to be formed around an obstacle, as well as forming 38 different part configurations, with one machine, and minimal changeover. Additionally, use of a servo powerhead allows for finite control of speed and the overall forming process, giving greater consistency.


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