New Product Launch – 3-Axis Auto Tool Change Forming Machine

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, most noted for discovering vitamin C once said, “Innovation is seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” In a world of increasing technology and demand, the manufacturing industry continuously seeks innovative ways to increase production and throughput with fewer resources. Orbitform strives to be on the cutting edge of assembly. We constantly seek the latest technology and trends to innovate into the manufacturing process to support the growing pressure for increased production and throughput.
Each year, Orbitform’s engineers work together to assess the latest trends and how they can be applied to the assembly process. This brainstorming session leads to new products and services added to our offerings.

This year, Orbitform’s engineers recognized an increased need to perform multiple forming functions on one assembly. To accommodate this trend, the concept of an auto-tool change was suggested. After researching the option for several months, our engineers found this to be a great addition to the already in-process development of a standard x-y slide table. The two innovative technologies were combined to create Orbitform’s new 3-axis flexible forming auto tool change machine.
The new machine, which will be debuted at The Assembly Show in Rosemont, Illinois on October 22nd, features the flexibility to program and form multiple parts and create multiple sized finished forms. Previously, this type of forming would require a timely change-over, or multiple powerheads. With the auto tool change, customers can now form multiple sizes of rivets, different finished form specs, and even use multiple processes with one powerhead. Processes include orbital forming, press forming, and static roller forming.
In addition to the auto tool change over, the new machine also features Orbitform’s new, standardized x-y table, featuring a 12”x12” working envelope. The new standardized slide offers more efficient implementation with 3-axis control. The capacity of the new forming machine is up to 12,500 pounds for a pneumatic machine and 18,000 for a hydraulic machine.  It includes a VFD to control the forming speed required for each form. For controls, the HMI includes easy teach methodology for simple implementation. In addition to the standardized version, custom configurations are also available.

Orbitform strives to support customers through continuous improvement and innovation. With new developments each year, our customers receive the latest technology for the best forming, fastening, or assembly process. To find the best solution for your assembly process, contact the experts today.