Multiple Rivets For Faster Assembly

Multi-Point Impact Riveting

Posted on 11/27/2013 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


If you need to install multiple rivets, you could benefit from our multi-head and multi-point Impact riveters. Multi-head riveters consist of two or more riveting heads, designed to work on the same part simultaneously.

We offer fixed and adjustable tool configurations to suit a wide range of applications. Consolidate equipment and reduce work area footprint with one of our adjustable center distance dual-head riveters, or increase production throughput with a multi-head fixed-tool riveter. It is also possible to install multiple rivets simultaneously with a single fixed-tool or fixed-center (FC) riveter, configured with multiple rivet feeders, drivers, jaws, and rollsets.



 Dual fixed tool, adjustable, multi-head, and multi-point configurations

 Pneumatic, electro-mechanical, hydra-pneumatic, and hydraulic

 Offset Driver package provides minimum distance between rivets (rivet head diameter + 1/16”)

 Safety probe, light curtain, palm buttons, and Lexan ® and/or wire mesh guarding

 Custom fixturing and part clamping

 Vibratory rivet feeding system upgrade

 Integrated load cell for monitoring rivet forces



 Multi-head systems allows heads to be turned on/off separately, to use a single head for rework

 Rotary Hopper rivet feeding system, mechanical or pneumatic, with track assembly

 Install solid rivets up to .63” diameter

 Install semi-tubular rivets from 1/16” and up

 Multi-point riveting from a minimum distance (rivet head diameter + 1/16”) up to 4” apart.



Additional options and features are available. Each machine is configured and tooled to suit your specific riveting application. To have our experts advise you on your application, visit our website or call (800) 958-4838. Orbitform…solutions delivered.