Multiple Assembly Processes, Machines & Conveyor Systems- All At Booth #505

Come Visit The Orbitform Booth!

Posted on 09/20/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Join Orbitform at the Assembly Show 2017 October 24-26!


The Orbitform booth is a show destination with industry-leading technology displayed on 1,500 square feet of floor space, including 17 forming, fastening, and automation machines, with live demonstrations. Use the standardized 20" dial machine to assemble your own takeaway gift.


Bring your parts to our booth for one-on-one assembly analysis and expert recommendation.

Visit our booth to see some Exciting New Products—a pneumatic safety probe, flush self-piercing riveting machine, and process monitoring data-logging system. Orbitform representatives will be available to answer any of your forming, fastening, or assembly questions.


Orbitform designs and builds a wide range of assembly equipment. We provide an Unbiased Approach, that helps our customers find the best forming and fastening solution for their specifications.

Orbital Forming: A cold forming process with tooling held at a fixed angle to create a sweeping line of pressure around the part, progressively forming the material with each rotation. This process reduces the forming force required by approximately 80% compared to standard presses.

Radial Forming: Similar to Orbital Forming, but the material is displaced from the center in a rosette pattern - reducing side force. It is ideal for forming small and/or delicate parts.

Impact Forming: Uses force to fasten two components together permanently. Can minimize cycle time and increase throughput with automatic rivet feeding, thereby saving time and money.

Hot Upset Forming and Riveting: Uses heat and pressure to form the fastener. The material being formed becomes malleable and collapses under the pressure applied by the powerhead.

Articulating/Static Roller Forming: A Non-impact process using a spinning roller head with two or more rollers to apply a symmetrical force to the part. Used for flaring, forming a lip, crimping, and/or forming a groove in a cylindrical part. Live technical presentation Wednesday at 2 pm.

Flush Self-Piercing Riveting: Ideal for replacing spot welding and pop riveting. It allows for dissimilar metals in multiple layers to be fastened - up to 0.360 inches.

Systems: Optimize your production process with a wide range of fastening capabilities. Multiple operations and processes reduce set-up times and increase production speeds.

Conveyors: Palletized conveyor lines use pallets with fixtures to carry each part between stations. Low backline pressure conveyors allow parts to ride directly on a densely populated array of plastic rollers.


Make an appointment to see us at the show by giving us a call at 517-780-4220 or by sending an email to