Multi-Form Heads for Orbital Forming

Increase Throughput and Produce More Parts Faster

Posted on 11/27/2013 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


At Orbitform, we are dedicated to helping our customers increase throughput and reduce costs. One of the ways which we do this is through multi-form heads. These options operate similar to Orbital but make it possible to form multiple rivets on the same part or rivets across multiple parts at the same time. These heads are used throughout the assembly automation process, providing advantages like cost reduction, quality increase, and cycle time reduction for high volume production. Multi-forming is typically done with one of two options: Multi-Spindle and Multi-Point. Both of these options allow the possibility of forming multiple rivets



Multi-spindle heads use an Orbital Powerhead to produce forming motion and force. Multiple Orbital heads attach to the multi-spindle head, forming multiple rivets at the same time. These rivets can either be across multiple parts or on the same part. Center distances for multi-spindle applications are dependent on rivet size and corresponding Orbital head used for forming. Multi-spindle forming is not restricted to a single plane since separate spindles and orbital heads are used for each rivet. These heads can be designed for different heights in relationship to one another.

Run more parts per cycle, increase throughput and reduce costs.



Multi-point heads use fixed center forming peens on a single eccentric driven head to form rivets set close together. Multi-point applications form multiple rivets on the same part to reduce cycle time and part handling, leading to more throughput and higher efficiency. Anyone manufacturing small parts with rivets set close together can benefit from multi-point forming. Center distances for applications can range from as little as .188” (4.7mm) to 3” (76 mm).



Orbitform is an expert in assembly solutions. Multi-point and multi-spindle are just the beginning when it comes to optimizing your assembly process. Options like x-y shuttle automation, index dial tables, multi-station forming systems, and complex conveyor systems are all areas that Orbitform has experience in. If you are interested in any of these products, visit or call (800) 957-4838 for more information. Orbitform…solutions delivered.