Milford Riveting Machine With Special Lower Tooling Shaped as a Goose Neck

Orbitform Engineers Develop New Goose Neck Design

Posted on 04/25/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


I have heard of golf course hole layouts being shaped as a dog leg, but when I heard about the lower tooling on a Milford Rivet impact riveting machine being shaped as a goose neck that was a surprise.


Orbitform’s rivet machine engineers recently helped a customer develop a riveter equipped with special offset lower rivet forming tooling that was shaped and positioned in such a way to allow the other side of the part to actually fit beneath the rivet forming location while still allowing for easy load and unload of the assembled product.


This custom lower anvil holder on a swivel design was required due to the complex shape of the parts assembled. This goose neck lower tooling design could be incorporated when riveting products such as cable management trays, support racks, ironing boards, folding tables, ladders, wire handling channels, and other assembled products.


Orbitform’s engineering team selected the Milford model 423 impact riveting machine for the job as the Milford 423 has a generous 5 inch stroke length which allows for large assemblies to be loaded underneath the rivet tooling prior to automatically inserting and upsetting the rivet. The application described utilized 3/16 inch (0.187 inch) diameter rivets however the Milford model 423 riveter is capable to form semi-tubular rivets up to 1/4 inch (0.250 inch) diameter if required. The standard throat depth of the Milford 423 is 12 inches, but a 24 inch throat depth option is available in the Milford model 423-24.


It is rewarding to face a challenging product assembly application such as this and come out with a new custom rivet tooling design to fasten our customer’s parts. Way to go crew!