Milford Rivet Machine Safety Devices Protect Workers & Increase Throughput

Keeping Safety a Top Priority

Posted on 05/15/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Milford Rivet impact riveting machines built by Orbitform come equipped with safety devices which protect factory workers and increase the throughput of fastening and assembly processes. The safety probe is an excellent method to protect hands and fingers on riveting machines as the safety device reduces accidents at the point of operation where the operator’s fingers could be present. Orbitform’s safety device is designed to be easy to install, simple to adjust, and accessible for maintenance.


Orbitform offers several rivet machine safety options including the finger detecting safety probe discussed in this article along with other methods such as: dual palm buttons, machine guarding, light curtains, and other operator sensing systems. The most common safety system used with our Milford model impact riveters is the safety device with an obstruction detection ring to ensure safety throughout the riveting, fastening, or assembly cycle. The finger probe descends prior to the cycling of the rivet machine. If the safety ring is obstructed during descent, then the riveter will not deliver the rivet nor drive the rivet into the work pieces.


VIDEO: Please click here for a link to a video describing the Orbitform safety device.


The Orbitform drop probe safety devices have ridged double guided rods actuated via gravity drop and pneumatic return. The safety probe is designed to minimize probe arm bounce and incorporates an improved safety circuit using standard industrial safety relays. The finger detectors offer an externally adjustable stroke, via a clamp collar, from 0 to 4.5 inches.


VIDEO: Please click here for a link to a video showing children learning about a Milford Rivet machine and the operator safety probe working on the riveting machine.


Safety is a top priority at Orbitform, not just in our own facility but in our customers' factories as well. Therefore, we discuss assembly machine safety options with our customers for each riveting machine we build and we deem it important to spread the word about the pneumatic safety probes designed for our Milford Rivet line of impact riveting machines.


Please contact us for help if you need to enhance the safety or productivity of your riveting operation.