Michigan Manufacturers Association: John G. Thodis Manufacturer of the Year

President of Orbitform Honored With Award

Posted on 11/04/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


One of the first things that you notice when you walk into Orbitform is the pride that radiates through our people. We feel pride in our work, our products, and our company. We cherish each other and treat each other like family. There is more teasing, laughing, and celebrating than in some families.


While some families are connected by genetics, the Orbitform family is tied together by pride and hard work. We tease each other about our shortcomings and proudly boast about each other's achievements.


Orbitform is pleased to announce that our President, Phil Sponsler has been honored with the Michigan Manufacturers Association John G. Thodis Manufacturer of the Year Award. We could not agree more with their selection or think of a more worthy candidate.


Phil has created and sustained a culture of continual improvement, built on the foundation of high employee appreciation. Additionally, Phil is a strong leader who drives Orbitform employees to be the best they can be in both their Orbitform lives and their personal lives. Phil is a genuinely compassionate man, who strives to leave a legacy of generosity. He leads by example in many areas of his life.


One example of his leadership is his active approach to bettering the world around him. He is active with many organizations that make his industry, community, and world a better place. We are extremely blessed to be lead by such a visionary man, who goes above and beyond, both in and out of the workplace.


Please send a message to Phil on LinkedIn to congratulate him for this amazing recognition.