Manufacturing Day 2017

Orbitform Hosts Jackson High School Students

Posted on 10/06/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Today 40 students from Jackson High School ventured down Executive Drive to discover the world of manufacturing that takes place in the 120,000 square foot facility, known as Orbitform. This opportunity was brought to them via an event called Manufacturing Day. This event targeted high school students curious about the manufacturing industry. These students toured 13 manufacturing facilities around the Jackson area. This experience showed firsthand what each facility is like and what types of products are made there.


Here at Orbitform, this includes custom assembly machines. These machines highlight different assembly processes such as Impact Riveting, Orbital Riveting, Radial Riveting, Roller Forming, Flush Self Pierce Riveting, and Hot Upset Riveting. They also had the opportunity to see Conveyor Systems, a Press, Process Monitoring, Data Logging, and Safety Equipment.


At Orbitform, we believe in the power of hard work and know how vital manufacturing is to the United States economy. We hope that programs like Manufacturing Day demonstrate our dedication to sparking the interest of the next generation of American Manufacturers. Together, American manufacturing will continue to grow strong.


Check out our Facebook page for more information and pictures from the event. You can also search #GAARMfgDay for other companies involved.