Making the Switch to Permanent Assembly Equipment

Making the Switch to Permanent Assembly Equipment6 Reasons Why You Should Go Permanent

When products that do not need to be taken apart are assembled using temporary means, you may be missing some major advantages in joining parts permanently. But what qualifies something that needs to be permanently assembled? There are many reasons, but we’ve boiled it down to six basic points.  If you make a product that is put together with fasteners like screws, cotter pins, retaining rings, nuts and bolts, or studs and nuts, take a few moments to consider if your assemblies fall into these characteristics.


Personal Safety:  The product is inherently unsafe to repair or replace.

Operational Safety:  High liability if the product fails during operation.

Extreme Operating Forces:  High shock, vibration, push-pull, and shear.

Regulatory Requirements:  Part must be new and not repaired, as required by law or warranty.

Modular Assemblies:  A product contains permanently assembled components.

Security / Tamper-Proof / Vandalism:  You don’t want anyone messing with it.

If any of these sound applicable to a product that you or your organization manufactures, it may be worth looking into assembling it permanently. Industries that are familiar with these concerns and requirements include automotive, medical, aerospace, aviation, electrical, safety equipment, mountain climbing gear, and fire extinguishers. Orbitform is an expert in permanent part assembly and assembly equipment with over 30 years of experience.


If you have a part you would like to have permanently assembled, look no further than Orbitform’s state-of-the-art Solutions Lab. Our unbiased approach can land you with the best possible process tailor fit to meet your specific needs. With expertise in riveting, forming, conveyors, welding, and automated assembly systems, Orbitform is the answer to your permanent part assembly needs. Call us today at 800-957-4838 to speak to an expert. Orbitform…solutions delivered.