Long Distance Prototyping

Picture this: 

You manufacture an assembly with a high volume production.  The current process you are using to assemble your components has a long cycle time and is limiting your ability to produce these components in a timely manner.  Simply put, it is limiting your ability to make money.

You turn to the internet, scouring for a solution that will help you keep up with demand and increase your throughput.  You finally believe you have found that solution, but the company who provides this process is halfway around the world.  How can you possibly test this solution?

At Orbitform, we have heard this story many times – customers like our processes and would like to be present for the processing but are unable to travel halfway around the world to form prototypes for testing. 

Our Solutions Lab is equipped with the most cutting edge forming, fastening and assembly equipment.  It’s no surprise that companies from around the world look to Orbitform for their assembly solutions.  To support long distance customers with their prototyping, we offer online video chat sessions as we process your parts.

Recently, one customer located in Europe contacted us for prototyping an automotive component.  Their current assembly process included welding two parts together and had a long cycle time.  After doing research, they found Orbitform through the internet.  They were particularly interested in the hot upset forming process.

Orbitform engaged in a lab development with the customer to form the parts.  Traveling from Europe to Michigan was unrealistic for this customer so processing was scheduled as a video chat meeting.  With Orbitform’s mobile video chat office, watching the processing of the lab development proved to be efficient and easy.  Close ups of the real time processing allowed the customer to provide feedback on the finished form while ensuring that the formed tenon had maximum hole fill.  Additionally, the customer was able to physically see the great reduction in cycle time this process would provide.

Orbitform offers the worldwide opportunity to video chat for your next lab development leveraging our mobile facetime office.  Contact us today to chat with our experts via phone, internet, or email.  We stand ready to help with your next design and prototype project.