Kitchen Utensils Riveted With Orbitform Riveting Machines

Riveting All Types of Kitchen Utensils

Posted on 07/10/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Kitchen utensil manufacturing companies often inquire about Orbitform riveting machines as a way to assemble spatulas, ladles, kitchen forks, slotted cooking spoons, salad tongs, and other types of food handling equipment. Food serving utensils of all shapes, sizes, and materials are efficiently and safely assembled when Orbitform utensil fastening riveting machines are used in the product assembly process.



All kinds of metal kitchen utensils where a handle is joined to a food touching surface are commonly joined with rivets. Aluminum ladles, stainless steel tongs, metallic spatulas, and plastic cooking spoons often have handles fastened via semi-tubular rivets or solid rivets. If the finished rivet head shape or appearance is crucial, then orbital riveters or radial riveters are often selected. If assembly process speed is critical then a Milford impact riveting machine could be selected.



Plastic handles are joined to metal forks with impact riveting machines. Stainless steel serving tongs are assembled with radial riveters. Heavy duty steel spatulas use Orbitform orbital riveting machines to assemble the handles to the food touching spatula surface.

As you can see, kitchen utensils with various metals and plastic components can be assembled with Orbitform utensil riveters equipped with assembly process aids such as parts holding fixtures, safety devices, error proofing methods, or automated feeding of rivets.



Orbitform’s product fastening engineers design assembly machines to rivet ladles, fasten handles to forks, assemble tongs, and join a wide variety of food service tools with rivets. Our lab technicians have tackled countless permanent component assembly applications and can certainly help with your kitchen utensil riveting challenges whether your focus is rivet machine speed, fastening quality, or final riveted joint strength.



If you think these types of riveting processes could help your product assembly applications, please contact us by clicking here.