Keeping Your Cool: Solutions for HVAC Manufacturers

Providing the Best Fit Quality Solutions

Posted on 05/23/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Orbitform has been working with manufacturers in the HVAC industry for many years. Whether it's assembling fan blades, vents, louvers, ceiling dampers, or pipe fittings, we understand the needs of HVAC manufacturers. Over the years, we have provided a number of process solutions for HVAC manufacturers.


Custom Throat Depth

When it comes to heating and cooling, fans are essential. Assembling large fan blades to the central hub can be a challenge. Orbitform has worked with several manufacturers to provide assembly equipment with custom throat depths to rivet these hard to reach locations.

For one manufacturer, we designed a custom column for a heavy-duty hydra-pneumatic impact riveting machine. This custom column increased the throat depth to 38" to accommodate their largest fan blades. For another manufacturer, we provided a custom horn for a heavy-duty electro-mechanical impact riveter, to provide a 36" throat depth. With these deeper throats, the manufacturers could utilize one machine to assemble multiple fan blade lengths using the same rivet size.



Orbitform offers multiple solutions for installing more than one rivet at a time. Our Fixed Center impact riveters can install 2 rivets simultaneously. We also offer heavy-duty triple and quad hit riveters to install 3 or 4 rivets at once.

For the most unique applications, we design custom systems. This can include mounting multiple riveting heads on a common base.  For one manufacturer, we designed a dual headed system with two pneumatic impact riveting heads and an adjustable slide package. This allowed them to run parts with different center distances between rivets on the same machine.


Decrease Process Variability

With our Solutions Lab, we can test multiple processes and assemble sample parts for your evaluation. One HVAC manufacturer was using a press to assemble an air compressor sub-component and experiencing process variability. We tested sample parts in our lab to find that our radial riveting process provided a strong form and repeatable process.

With each application, Orbitform takes the time to understand and meet your needs. We also have a fully staffed Spare Parts & Tooling department and Service Team to help reduce your machine downtime. Contact us today to discuss how we can overcome your unique challenges.