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Orbitform's Unbiased Approach

Posted on 04/06/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


There is a certain pop music song on the airwaves that goes something like this…”it’s all about that bass, about that bass, no treble…”

When we hear that song, do you know what we think of?


We think of our rivet machine competitors who only deal with one type of riveting process and often steer their customer’s product assembly application in the direction of that one, single process.

At Orbitform, we pride ourselves on the fact we do our best to identify the riveter and riveting process most appropriately suited for each customer’s specific metal forming, permanent fastening, staking, or product assembly project.


Why be biased?

It is easy to understand why certain riveting machine suppliers would be biased to one riveting process. If you only offer radial riveting machines and radial forming equipment, then you are certainly going to look at a component assembly application through the lens of radial forming and you will most likely recommend a radial riveter. The same could be said for a company that only works with impact riveting. The impact riveting machine builder is probably going to narrow in how to perform the assembly function with an impact riveter only.

Even if you thought a different permanent assembly process could be better suited due to considerations such as reduced cycle time, higher push out forces, improved operator safety, more process control, or stronger shear resistance characteristics, you would probably be reluctant to offer up the alternative solutions since you could not sell a machine with the more appropriate riveting process.



One of the factors we feel compels engineers to bring their product assembly, component fastening, and metal forming applications to Orbitform is our unbiased approach.

At Orbitform we analyze the final result you are working to achieve and we help you select the best assembly process to achieve the desired result. Whether your assembly process is best suited for an orbital riveting machine, an impact rivet machine, a radial riveter, a self-pierce riveting machine, a hot upset riveting machine, a roller forming machine, a press machine, or some other type of product assembly process, Orbitform will help you identify the best assembly process, and will then help you design and build a machine to satisfy your requirements.

If we determine the best assembly process is not a process Orbitform offers, then we will help you connect with a different company to help satisfy your product assembly application.


If you think Orbitform's assembly process knowledge could help your manufacturing operation, then please contact us by clicking here.

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