Industry Spotlight: Automotive Parts

Automotive Applications Assembled 

Posted on 04/10/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Orbitform has worked with many industries, including medical, aerospace, recreational, and more. As a proud Michigan manufacturer, we have been partnering with automotive manufacturers for 30+ years. We have provided assembly solutions for a large variety of automotive applications, including seating components, strikers, and more. Here are a few examples of some of the components found in your vehicle that we have provided equipment to assemble. 


Seating Components

Orbitform has provided numerous assembly solutions for seating applications in vehicles. Recliner mechanisms require smooth articulating joints for seamless movement. Orbital riveting uses less force then pressing which minimizes the shank swell of the rivet and allows for articulation. We have also provided orbital riveting equipment to assemble the folding seat assembly found in many cars. A more unique seating component that Orbitform has provided equipment for is the seat belt spool retractor. Our articulating roller forming process forms from the side.  We used this to access the forming location under a preexisting lip on the seat belt spool retractor. 

Striker Wires

Striker wires are used in multiple locations inside a vehicle, including trunks, doors, and seats. Depending on the hardness of the wire, either the hot upset process or orbital riveting process can be used. For the seat back striker, we provided orbital riveting because it required less force and more control for the final form diameter. For harder materials and higher strength requirements, we have used our hot upset forming process. This applies heat and force simultaneously to form a strong joint. Orbitform has even automated this process to meet production volume requirements of striker wires for automotive applications.

Other Automotive Applications

Window regulator rail assemblies use a small pulley system to roll your car windows up and down. Orbitform has provided orbital riveting systems to form the pin holding those pulleys in place, allowing them to freely rotate. Orbital riveting equipment can also be used for non-articulating joints, such as securing baffle plates inside a front engine cover. Our roller forming equipment has been used to roll over the edge of an oil gauge to retain the inner components. 

With 30+ years of experience, Orbitform has worked with many manufacturers across multiple industries. Our assembly experts have assisted on a wide variety of assembly applications, including the few mentioned above. Contact us today to discuss your applications and learn how we can help improve your process.