IChallengeU Blog Part 2

Solutions For Filling The Pipelines

Posted on 10/03/2018 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Last week we shared the challenge we presented to a team of southcentral Michigan teens (What are the strategies and tactics for filling the pipeline of valid hiring candidates?). Their solution for filling the pipeline for Orbitform and other manufacturing companies is impressive and noteworthy.


GET THE WORD OUT The students urged Orbitform to advertise its highly desirable work culture. While working at the Orbitform facility for two weeks, the students were able to experience the caring and inspiring environment at Orbitform. Their recommendation was simple: “share what you are doing on social media”. Pictures of happy people working together, special events and outings all should be shared to enhance the perspective of the work environment.


REACH OUT TO LOCAL YOUTH The iChallengeU team shared, “Exposing youth to the manufacturing industry not only creates a potential future work force in America, it also gives students the opportunity to follow their dreams.” Visiting schools and classes are a great way to bring awareness to the local manufacturing community. Sharing current parts produced and the processes used to produce them, helps students understand there is more to manufacturing than pushing buttons.


STEM PROGRAMS Outreach to the community through support of youth STEM programs will educate our youth about manufacturing and instill a growing curiosity and imagination in our youth. Current STEM programs that may be available in your area include:


  • Robotics Team Competitions
  • “Manufacturing Day”, where youth are invited to visit local manufacturers
  • STEM Summer Camps
  • After School Programs