How to Install a Pneumatic Safety Probe on a Riveting Machine

Keeping Safety Our Top Priority

Posted on 08/21/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Safety is a top priority at Orbitform, not just in our own facility but in our customers' factories as well. Therefore, we discuss assembly machine safety options with our customers for each machine we build. Available safety features and control options Include: safety probes, dual palm buttons, polycarbonate guarding, and light curtains.


The Orbitform safety probe device is an electric-air system consisting of two main components: the drop-probe assembly and the control box. The drop-probe assembly allows the sensing probe to drop around the point-of-operation hazard prior to each intended machine cycle. If the sensing probe encounters the operator’s fingers (or other obstruction) and fails to drop to a preset position, the machine cycle will not be initiated. If there are no obstructions to prevent the sensing probe from dropping, then the control unit will allow the machine to cycle when the sensing probe reaches the preset position.


Features of the Orbitform Pneumatic Safety Probe:

Rigid double guided rod actuated via gravity drop and pneumatic return

Minimal probe arm deflection

Improved safety circuit with standard industrial safety relays

Externally adjustable stroke (via clamp collar) from 0 inches to 4.5 inches


Included below is a step-by-step instructional video on how to install the pneumatic safety probe to a Milford impact riveting machine along with instructions regarding how to adjust the safety probe down stop.


VIDEO: Please click here for a link to a video describing how to install the Orbitform pneumatic safety device on a riveting machine.