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Find The Best Fit Machine With the Solutions Lab

Posted on 10/30/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


You’ve worked all day. The last thing you want to do is cook dinner. You run into the grocery store to pick up a frozen pizza. You grab a few things and head to the checkout lane. The lady in front of you in line is taking forever. She doesn’t understand why the cashier won’t accept her expired coupon. Looking around you see it. Your favorite candy company has released a new candy bar. You’ve never had it before, but it looks so good. You cave in and buy the candy bar.


As you drive home you unwrap the plastic packaging and take the first bite. Is there anything better than the first bite of a candy bar? Wait, what is this? Something about the flavor doesn’t quite sit right on your palate. You pull the wrapper back over the candy bar and set it back into the bag. When you get home you pop the pizza in the oven and toss the candy bar into the trash. You’re bummed, but it’s no big deal.


Buying assembly equipment can be a huge expense. There is no option to throw away what doesn’t work for you. Orbitform’s Solutions Lab is a low-risk option for our customers to try our machines before they buy them.


With the Solutions Lab at their disposal, Orbitform customers are able to work with expert assembly technicians to identify what machine fits best with their part specifications. Together with the engineering department, customers are able to design part fixtures, analyze and maximize cycle time performance, and meet other specific individualized goals.


By starting with a Lab Job at Orbitform, your investment will be a small percentage of what the wrong new machine would be. Also, if you find that an Orbitform machine is right for you, the cost of the tooling development done as part of the lab job can be applied to the purchase of the Orbitform machine. There is so little to lose and so much to gain by being intentional with every step of the way. Catastrophes can be avoided with a bit of time, planning, and testing.




If you think the Solutions Lab could help your manufacturing operation, please contact us by clicking here.


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