Furniture Brackets Assembled in Milford Rivet Impact Riveting Machine

Working With A Furniture Mechanism Supplier

Posted on 02/01/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


A designer and manufacturer of motion furniture components from the southeast region of the USA approached Orbitform for help assembling several furniture brackets for their new product line offering. The challenge included the requirement for one (1) single impact riveter capable of fastening a variety of rotating furniture supports using four (4) different semi-tubular rivets with varying lengths.

The Orbitform riveting machine experts proposed the Milford Rivet model 410 riveter equipped with a special lower anvil bracket and outfitted with an operator safety device. The anvil bracket was modified to provide clearance for the angled stamped components that were being riveted to the straight metal rails. The rivet machine safety device was installed so the machine would only cycle if the worker’s fingers and hands were clear of the rivet insertion location.


The Milford Rivet Machine model 410 riveting machine is capable of automatically feeding the four (4) different length rivets with only changing out the rollset (anvil) between the different rivets. The riveter’s hopper barrel, slide rails, jaws, driver, and other rivet size specific tooling were each designed to accommodate all of the differing rivet lengths. This flexibility to process all four rivets through the same machine helped the furniture mechanism manufacturing company save capital equipment expense, reduced the floor space required for the fastening equipment, and simplified the overall logistics of installing the new assembly process in their factory.


It was an honor to work with this furniture mechanism supplier as they work to support customers in furniture industries such as healthcare, residential, and office. It’ll be fun to look for these furniture brackets and sub-assemblies in motion furniture products such as gliders, rockers, height-adjusting tables and patient treatment chairs.