Flush Self-Pierce Riveting Machine Built By Orbitform

Permanently Assembling Metals Without the Hassle

Posted on 01/08/2017 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Many people believe the best method to permanently assemble metals is welding. Welding is certainly a well-known metal joining process, however welding is not always the optimal method for securing two pieces of metal together.


If your metal assembly application is facing challenges such as inconsistency between welds from one joint to another, or if you are trying to avoid the expensive electrical utility costs associated with generating the electric current required for the welding process, or if you are finding your team is having to spend time refinishing and cleaning up weld residue, then a flush self-pierce riveting machine from Orbitform might be a metal fastening solution for you to explore.


Manufacturing engineers, product designers, and production process improvement managers are drawn to the Orbitform flush self-pierce riveting process for several reasons, but often the genesis of the attraction is frustration with welding.


The safety hazards and environmental complexities involved with welding, the inability to weld pre-painted / pre-coated metal parts, and the fact that metal material characteristics are altered when exposed to the heat of the welding process are other factors involved with forward looking assembly process professionals looking to the flush self-pierce rivet (FSPR) machine as a metal fastening option.



To see a short video of the Orbitform Flush Self-Pierce Riveting machine in action, please click here.


The other advantages of the Orbitform FSPR metal joining method include:

Flush mounted finish where there is no stick-out on either side of the fastened joint

Increased corrosion resistance due to the lack of heat or chemicals introduced during the FSPR product assembly process

Virtually water proof and air tight joint

Aesthetically pleasing assembled components where the joint quality is simple to confirm visually

Resistance to vibration

Material distortion is minimized

Electrical continuity is maintained


If you would like to investigate further how an Orbitform Flush Self-Pierce Riveting machine could benefit your product assembly application, then please contact Orbitform by clicking here.