Flexible Riveting Options

Unique and Flexible Riveting Solutions

Posted on 04/04/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Impact riveting is well known for fast cycle time and ability to provide maximum shank swell.  In addition to both desirable features, Milford by Orbitform is also incredibly flexible in riveting options.


Recently, when approached by a customer with a high volume application requiring multiple hits, Orbitform went to work to find options to achieve the required cycle time.  The solution came in the form of a quad hit – four Milford impact heads assembled to the same machine base and cycling at the exact same time.  The flexibility of this machine provided several features for ease of use and quick change over, thus further supporting the low cycle time.


First, two of the four Milford heads were adjustable to form multiple assemblies.  Changeover require a simple manual 2-positon with a removable pin to locate each position.  These multiple positions accommodated the change in centerline distance of each rivet on the different assemblies.  Milford by Orbitform impact riveters’ design allows for flexibility with compact and unique placement to achieve the desired forming placement and results


Next, Orbitform addressed the issue of feeding the rivets.  Fortunately, the customer was working with identical diameter rivets, with only a change in length.  Orbitform was able to design and integrate bowl feeders with tracks to accommodate the multiple sizes.  Also, a quick dump option allowed excess rivets to be removed rapidly.  This addition eliminated the need to change the entire bowl feeder system, allowing for a prompt changeover.  The flexible nature of Milford impact riveters allows for a wide array of feeding systems to be added to support low cycle times.


Finally, Orbitform was able to add a quick change fixture and A-B slide for ease of loading and unloading. Each separate assembly fixture can be added to the quick change attachment in a matter of minutes, thus supporting the need for quick change over.  The flexibility of Milford machines allows for multiple fixturing options to fit your individual assembly needs.


The flexibility found in the Milford by Orbitform impact riveting machines is second to none.  When adding a Milford machine to your assembly process, you can rest easy in knowing that you will be receiving a quality machine that can accommodate all your individual needs.  Contact us today to find the unique and flexible riveting solution for your assembly at 517-780-4237 or sales@orbitform.com.