Excellent Service, One Customer at a Time

At Orbitform, if there’s one thing we’ve come to recognize, it’s that no two assemblies are alike. Each project has its own unique requirements and challenges and providing an assembly solution should be the same. When partnering with a company to provide equipment for your unique assembly, you should expect the highest quality and performance available. Orbitform has grown to provide the best solutions for assembly equipment and provides excellent support and service from start to finish.

Here’s the Orbitform advantage:

Sales and Support Staff
Orbitform employs 10 full-time inside and outside sales support staff. Six Regional Sales Managers support customers in the field by visiting facilities, meeting with customers, and gathering all pertinent information to fulfill each customer’s needs. From prototype through start of production and beyond, your Regional Sales Manager will continue to visit to ensure your project is moving forward as expected.
Four Field Activity and Branding Specialists support customers from our home office in Jackson, Michigan. Support includes constant and thorough communication for every lab development, quick response time for all requests, and prompt processing of orders. Our specialists act as liaisons between management, engineering and manufacturing to ensure your voice is always heard.

Field Representatives
Orbitform’s sales staff also work closely with Field Representatives to ensure each customer and application receives the attention deserved. Field Representatives are highly trained with engineering backgrounds and a thorough knowledge of Orbitform’s capabilities and core products. Our Reps provide immediate response to requests and provide honest feedback for each application.

Project Management
Orbitform’s Project Management team is truly world-class and includes 5 dedicated full-time staff. Our Project Management Team strives to keep you informed on each milestone for your project. Our Project Managers have a higher sense of urgency than our customers and use close communication to ensure nothing is missed, timing is maintained, and the finished product exceeds expectations.

Service and Support
One of the most popular questions we hear is what we will do if there is a problem with the machine once it leaves the Orbitform facility. Orbitform employs two full-time service and support staff. These staff members are fully trained mechanical engineers and willing to travel to each machine. From simple maintenance to break downs and full changeovers, our Service and Support team has what it takes to ensure you are never left in the dust.

Spare Parts and Tooling
Perishable tooling and its availability is essential when purchasing new manufacturing equipment. Orbitform employs three full-time staff to ensure you have every part you need when you need it. With minimal lead times and immediate response, our Spare Parts and Tooling team will help to prevent downtime. Also, should you ever experience the dreaded downtime, our team rushes to ensure parts arrive as quickly as possible to minimize the effects.

The Orbitform Advantage
Orbitform knows what it takes to provide thorough support and service from start to finish on each project. Your unique assembly project is handled with the best sales, service and support staff to ensure we exceed your expectations. Contact us today to find how we can support you.