Dual Opposed Orbital forming with Press

Orbitform is well known for their expertise in forming, fastening, riveting and assembly.  From orbital and radial forming to roller forming, impact riveting and hot upset forming, we offer a variety of solutions.  When partnering with our engineers for your project, we can determine the best custom fit solution for your application to achieve your functional and aesthetic requirements.

Recently, we were approached by a customer on a custom fastening solution for an articulating joint for automotive seating.  This rivet was slip-fit into the joint.  Due to design constraints, traditional forming from above was impossible and forming from below raised fixturing concerns.  Additionally, the customer required this forming station to fit into their existing palletized conveyor line.  It was a tall order, but Orbitform was up for the challenge.

Upon reviewing the application, it was found that forming the rivet to the required 15.5mm diameter from below was achievable if a back-up force was placed on the top side of the rivet.  To accomplish this, we implemented our little-known press line.  Using an Orbitform press to apply pressure to the top side of the rivet, the bottom orbital powerhead could then successfully form the rivet from below without any complications. 

Finally, to accomplish integration into the existing palletized conveyor line, Orbitform’s engineers began designing a workbench using CAD models from the customer.  Partnering with the customer, we designed to the proper height, width and depth to easily add this machine into the current line.  We then built the machine to hook up and run off the already established controls, lending to the ease of implementation.  Once installed, the new machine seamlessly provided the exact solution the customer was in search of.

A partnership with Orbitform is a high value-added asset when designing and building your assembly process.  From concept to completion, our engineers work hard to accomplish your most challenging assemblies.  We stand ready to review your unique applications and put our heads together to find the perfect assembly solution for you.  Contact us to talk to someone today!