Don't Settle For Second Best With Your Product Assembly Application

With Orbitform, You Won't Have to Settle

Posted on 10/18/2016 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


An Automotive Tier 1 supplier needed a solution for a hinge assembly that was causing challenges on the factory floor. The company originally chose a low-cost solution from an Orbitform competitor. This decision resulted in not being able to achieve a consistent joint assembly to product specification. The product specifications included a minimum shear load test and maintaining an acceptable torque range. The Automotive Tier 1 supplier contacted Orbitform desperately looking for a more appropriate solution.


Orbitform was able to quickly detect the product development problem through testing and development in Orbitform’s assembly solutions lab. Taking an unbiased approach, Orbitform identified the Orbital Forming process with a best-fit peen tool geometry and forming parameters to achieve a consistent joint assembly.