Developing Tooling for a New Assembly

Return on investment and getting the most “bang for your buck” are crucial considerations for a successful business. For manufacturers that assemble a wide variety of parts, this can be difficult, especially when those parts have different form and function requirements. One solution is to utilize versatile equipment that can assemble multiple parts by simply changing out the peen tool.

One manufacturer was taking on a new project to assemble safety latches. They had previously purchased an orbital riveter from Orbitform for a different application and turned to our assembly experts again when looking at this new part. Seeking the most cost-effective solution, they were hoping to retool their existing B-500 orbital riveter.

Orbitform’s Lab Technicians analyzed their part prints to determine which size orbital riveter would form their parts. Originally, the rivets were hardened, suggesting they may need either a carbide peen tool or a machine with more force output than their B-500. Based on our feedback, the end-user then changed the rivets to include a drill point on the end, which reduced the force needed to form the parts.

Our lab technicians used part prints to design a peen tool to fit the new part and rivet for the existing equipment. We also tested a few sample parts in our Solutions Lab to ensure that the B-500 had enough force capacity to move the material and meet the finished form requirements.

When manufacturers work with a variety of assemblies, it’s important to find cost-effective solutions to positively impact the bottom line. With Orbitform’s versatile equipment, it’s easy to form multiple parts on one machine, or change tooling to form new parts. Our experts can analyze your parts to determine the appropriate machine size and design the proper tooling to meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss your next application and determine the right tooling to meet your needs.