Conveyor Solutions For High-Volume Production

The Leading Expert in Palletized Conveyors

Posted on 05/15/2019 | by The Orbitform Blog Team


Heightened Volume Requirements

Moving parts from one process to another becomes challenging as the assembly grows.  Palletized conveyors are a great solution for heightened volume requirements. Orbitform is a leading expert in palletized conveyors and has created many options for material handling. 

Too Large for Operator Handling

Automotive component production requirements often are too large for operator handling without added machinery.  Orbitform was challenged with finding a conveyance solution for a 100mm-140mm diameter component system with a high production volume. Upon review of the required cycle time, process and component tracking, we were able to design a unique, one-of-a-kind system to fit all the client’s needs.

Ideal Way to Move Parts

Due to the size and shape of the part, a palletized conveyor was ideal to move the parts.  A palettized conveyor is a conveyance system in which a part is placed directly on a part specific fixture, called a pallet, which stays directly on the conveyor system.  This pallet then moves the part via the conveyor system, holding it securely. 

A Self-Contained System

In addition to designing a completely self-contained system, Orbitform was able to include smart traffic control, gauging station and part tracking.  The new system was designed with a raw part sorting system and robotic load and unload. 

Move and Track Parts Effortlessly

Upon integrating the system into this new line, the client received a completely self-contained solution to meet their every need.  This new system moves and tracks parts effortlessly through the entire manufacturing process. 

Experts in Conveyors

In addition to being experts in forming, fastening and riveting, Orbitform is also the expert in conveyors and assembly process.  Palletized conveyors are an excellent solution to manufacturing your assembly when experiencing the following challenges:

  • High Volumes
  • Safety concerns
  • Part Ergonomics
  • Large and/or heavy assemblies
  • Limited workforce resources


Orbitform stands ready to work together to design your next conveyor project.  Contact us today to find your unique assembly solution.